Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Keybord shortcuts for most frequently used tasks in AX 7

In this post I will cover keyboard shortcuts for most commonly/frequently tasks.
Filtering shortcuts:
Open grid filtering for the current column  -> Ctrl + G
Open advance filtering                                   -> Ctrl + Shift + F3

Grid shortcuts:
Move to the next/previous column            -> Tab / Shift + Tab 
Move to the next/previous row                  -> Down Arrow/ Up Arrow
Go to the next/previous page of data        -> Page Up / Page Down

Form shortcuts:
Create a new record                                 -> Alt+N
Delete a record                                          -> Alt + F9 or Alt + Del
Save record                                                -> Alt+S or Ctrl+S
Revert (restore)                                        -> Ctrl+Shift+F5
Data refresh                                              -> Shift+F5
Toggle edit mode                                     -> F2

Form navigation shortcuts: (Personally these are the most used by me)
Switch to grid view                                   -> Ctrl+Shift+G
Switch to details view                              -> Ctrl+Shift+D
Switch to header view                              -> Ctrl+Shift+H
Switch to lines view                                  -> Ctrl+Shift+L

You can read the full list of shortcuts here.

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