Monday, February 29, 2016

Extension capabilities of AX 7 RTW – Security Roles

In my last post I covered the extension capabilities of security duties. In this post, I will cover the extension capabilities of Security roles.

There are many examples available of security roles extension in AX 7 RTW out of box. I will take example of CustInvoiceAccountsReceivableManager.Workspaces as show below: 

To demonstrate all the capabilities I have created a new extension of CustInvoiceAccountsReceivableManager role : CustInvoiceAccountsReceivableManager.FDDXXXExtension

By default when you create an extension, its name will be <ParentObject.extension>. You can rename it as you want.

You can do the following with extension:

Add new privilege:

Add new duties:

You cannot add sub roles or permissions. You can not change values of any duty/privilege etc.

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