Sunday, February 28, 2016

Extension capabilities of AX 7 RTW – Data Entity

In this post, I will cover the extension capabilities of Data entity.

There is only one example available of Data entity extension in AX 7 RTW out of box.

To demonstrate all the capabilities I have created a new extension of CustCustomerGroupEntity entity : CustCustomerGroupEntity.FDDXXXExtension. You can do the following with Data entity extensions:

Add new Datasource:

When you add the new datasource, all the fields will automatically will be added into entity because Dynamic Fields is always set to Yes in data entity.

Add ranges on added datasource:

Add Relations on added datasource:

Add new fields:
You have option of either add mapped field or unmapped field.

Add new field group:

Add new Relation:

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  1. Hi Vinit,

    great post... btw how can I update the staging table from the data entity extension?

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