Monday, February 22, 2016

Export/Import data using data management in AX 7

In this post I will be showing Import/Export using Data management in  AX7. For the purpose of demonstration, I will take example of product categories.

Product categories are defined in AX can be mapped to Retail category, Procurement category, Sales category etc.

Export of product categories:

Navigate to Data management workspace and create a new export project as shown below:

Click on export.
In export screen:
  • Set the name of the project: Product categories (this is similar to processing group in AX 2012)
  • Set Target data format : Excel
  • Entity name: Product categories
Click on Add entity.
New entity(Product categories) will be added to "Selected files and entity section".

Now our entity is ready for export.
Click on the "Export" on in the action pane.

Now you have 2 options to download.
Download package or download file.

Download Package:

If you choose this option 3 files will be downloaded:
Manifest.xml -> defines the entity structure
PackageHeader.xml -> defines the entity header
Product categories.xlsx -> actual data

Download file:

If you choose this option only excel file containing product categories will be downloaded.

Import of Product categories:

We are going to use the same files from export to Import. Navigate to Data management workspace and create a new import project as shown below:

On import screen:
  • Set the name of the project: Product categories import
  • Set data format : Excel
  • Entity name: Product categories
Click on upload and browse to the excel file which we want to import.
New entity(Product categories) will be added to "Selected files and entity section".

Now our entity is ready for import.
Click on the "Import" on in the action pane.

Your import is complete.

I have shown the import using excel, same can be done by using package.


  1. Thanks for the interesting post. Have you tried to export all configuration data and import into a another environment? the scenario would be that we would do the master configuration in one environment(with no transaction data) and then export it to a test environment, where we can test the configuration/setup.
    We would do this multiple times as we proceed with the configuraion process.
    Any experience on this and or documentation would be appreciated.

  2. In similar lines to Jens requirement, we too are trying to export Master data together with Transaction data from one environment to another (i.e. CTP 8 to RTW). Any help regarding this would be much appreciated.

  3. Hi Arun,

    Thank you for reading. For the transfer between different environment please see my other post:

    Also as I have mentioned in the comments, There is a way to do it but the list of data entities required for master configuration needs to be prepared.

  4. Thanks for your prompt response Vinay. I understand that we can export data and import to other environment using Data packages but this will be one-by-one per entity basis. However, I would like to know is there any way to export entire data from one environment (including Master and Transactions) and import into another environment (i.e. from CTP 8 to RTW) in similar lines to Company data export/import present in earlier versions?

  5. Hi Arun,

    Data package can have one or more data entities, so you need to create one data package (call it master config) and add all the data entities you need in that package. From what I heard, LCS will provide about 200 data packages but I haven't found it yet.

    Thanks and regards,
    Vinit Goyal

  6. Hi Vinit,

    I have tried in the same way to import the customers data. I'm getting error while importing i.e.,

    "Cannot create a record in Staging validation log (DMFStagingValidationLog). The record already exists".

    Can you please suggest on this..?


  7. Hi,

    Please check the content of the table DMFStagingValidationLog. In the customer data you are importing, please check if there is duplicate customer data.

    Thanks and regards,
    Vinit Goyal

    1. Thank you Vinit , i had trace out the issue

  8. Good morning, Vinit. I am attempting to upload a data package containing main accounts into a single company. The chart of accounts already exists in that company and is empty. I exported the main accounts package with a single entity for main accounts and populated the relevant columns. Then I created an import project. One issue I encountered initially was that the import button would not light up when I tried to upload. Also, when I came back later and double clicked the project it wouldn't open. This morning, without doing anything differently, I was able to double click and open it. The import button lit up. I clicked it, specified the file and ran the job. I got a message that it ran successfully, but when I went to the main accounts form there were no records. I've tried importing the Excel file alone and the zipped package file, to no avail. Now, when i double click the data management import project nothing happens. Any idea as to what's happening here?

  9. Hi vinit,

    Where can we specify the folder path for import and export of the files.


  10. Hi, Is there a way to set up a reoccurring task that can send an export via email?


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