Saturday, February 6, 2016

Extension capabilities of AX 7 (in CTP 8) – Base enums

In this post I will describing the extension capabilities of AX7.

In AX 7, following elements can be extended:

  • Base Enum
  • Table
  • Form
  • Menu
  • Data Entity
  • Security Duty
  • Security Role
  • Classes
  • Map (Not yet possible in CTP8)
  • View (Not yet possible in CTP8)
I will cover extensibility of each element.

Base enum:

Example of base enum extension is DMFModule.Extension in out of box AX 7.

Not every base enum can be extended. There is a property called IsExtensible  on Base Enum.

Only Enums with this property true can be extended.
In extended base enum you can create new elements.

 Above screen shot shows the corresponding XML file created. You can set the values of following properties:
  • Name
  • Lable
  • Configuration keys
  • Country region codes

You cannot edit the value of element. Though you can change the values in XML but it is not recommended. In next post I will cover Table extensions.

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