Thursday, March 24, 2016

Transfer data between environments in AX RTW using LCS configuration manager

In my last post, I showed how to use Data management in AX RTW to Import/Export data. In this post, I will show how to use LCS to transfer data between multiple environments.

I have 2 AX RTW environments, one is on prem VM and one Azure hosted environment.

In following demo, I will transfer data from my on prem VM to Azure hosted environment using LCS.

Setp 1: Configure the export processing group as follows:

 Step 2: Export the data and generate the data package:

Step 3: Login to LCS and upload the data package in configuration manager:

Click on Add and create new package as follows:
After confirm your package will be uploaded for analysis as follows:

It takes few hours to complete the analysis, once it is finished it looks like below:
Now our package is ready for the deployment to any azure hosted environment.

Step 4: Apply the package to the environement of your choice.

Choose the company and click apply.

Step 5: Check the status in AX RTW and LCS.

A data project will be created in AX as well as import job will be scheduled. Once this automated batch job is executed, Data will be updated or inserted in AX RTW as shown in above screen shot.

You can also check the status of the Import in LCS configuration and data manager as  shown in above screen shot.

I can imagine more hassel free master data/ configuration management. Uploded data package can be applied to multiple environments/ multiple companies/multiple times.

In this demo, I have taken only customers, You can define 1 package with all the master data and configuration and keep it in LCS. Whenever you want to spin up new environment, Just deploy the new environement using LCS and apply the data package to get the data into system. In few hours you will be able to get the working AX 7 environment without much efforts or technical knowledge.

ISV's can give the configuration data/demo data for their solution in similar way. This will help reduce setup time drastically. 


  1. Thanks for the interesting guide. I have a need to export all configuration/setup from one Azure enviroment to Azure another. The scenario is that we are doing all configuration in One Master configuration environment(With no transactions data), and will export this to test environment where we can test this. We entend to do this over and over untill we are done with the configuration.
    Question: Have you found a way to export all data and import it? Have you seen any document to support this process?

    1. Hi Jens,

      Thank you for the reading. To answer your question, the way to transfer between environment is via LCS as mentioned in the post. You can create a package containing all the required data entities and then upload it to LCS. More important part here is which data entities to use, for that I haven't seen any document yet. For now you will need to find all the data entities by yourself. When you are doing your configuration, you can find which table is it using and find the corresponding data entity. If I get/generate such list I will provide it.

      Let me know if you need any more help.

      Thanks and regards,
      Vinit Goyal

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  3. Hello Vinit and Jens. I am in the same situation as Jens Villadsen was mentioning in his comment. Did either of you figure out how to package all data (config or otherwise, but mainly config) into one Package without having to select each of the data entities one by one ?

    Thanks in advance to both of you. And Vinit, all your articles on AX 7 have been very helpful. Thanks a lot.

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