Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Import/Export data using composite entity in new Microsoft Dynamics AX RTW

In this post I will cover import-export data using the composite entities in new Microsoft Dynamics AX RTW. There are 12 composite entities available out of box.

I will take example of Customer Payment Journal entity.  It has 2 following entities as a part of it.
  • CustomerInvoiceJournalHeader
  • CustomerInvoiceJournalLine

Export the Payment journal:

Navigate to Data management.
Click on Export.
Fill in the details as follows:
    Name of the data package.
    Target Data format: For composite entity only allowed  data formats are XML-Element and XML-Attribute.
    Entity Name: Customer invoice journal

Click on the Add entity.
Customer payment journal entity will be added as shown below.

Click on the export.

As you see in the above screenshot, total 38 records were exported. 8 out of Header entity and 30 out of line. Click on the Download button. The XML file will be downloaded. It looks like below:

Import the Payment journal:

Similar to export create an import data package with same entity.

Upload the XML file with the new payment journal. I created a file with 1 header and 1 line and then click on import.

Directly from Staging data you can go to created payment journal.

Journal looks like below:

You can now validate and post the journal.

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